Join as a scheme operator

The openIMIS software is designed to help scheme operators improve workflows and increase efficiency. As a scheme operator, your input – including comments, suggestions and feature requests – are crucial to the further development of the software and the community of practice.

Why Join? 

The openIMIS community is committed to listening to its current and potential users and to subject matter experts. This helps the community evolve and adapt to different implementation requirements, develop new feature sets and make existing ones more efficient. We encourage and facilitate exchange between these various groups.

By joining the community of practice, you can discuss best practices around openIMIS and broader health financing issues with your peers. To facilitate these exchanges, we have set up two committees: Implementers and Developers. These two committees have key roles in shaping the future of openIMIS, from reviewing issues in the queue to deciding programming and communication standards. If you would like discussions on specific issues or are keen to see certain features developed in upcoming releases, please join the discussions in one of the committees. 

How to Join?

  • Take part in discussions in the Implementers or Developers committees.

  • Request new features, ask questions or report a bug at our  service desk.

  • Existing requests and their status are displayed in the Jira issue list.

  • Join us at events.

Your engagement will help existing and upcoming implementations identify and develop more efficient processes. It will also provide vital testing feedback to help developers improve the software.

For more information please consult the following links/ docs

  • Want to know more about experiences with implementing openIMIS? Visit our country pages.

  • Want to stay updated or participate in one of the free webinars on openIMIS?  Subscribe to our Newsletter or visit our event page for upcoming events and webinars.

  • Want to experience using the software first hand? Watch the tutorial video or explore the demo.