Join as an implementer

The openIMIS Initiative welcomes implementers with expertise in designing and deploying digital health and social protection systems in a variety of settings. Your expertise and knowledge help users and scheme operators get started and maintain openIMIS to manage their health financing schemes. Join the community to meet other implementers, learn from their experiences and work on common goals. Learn about best practices and access expertise, technologies and knowledge on global standards.



 Photo credit: GIZ / Britta Radike

Why Join?

The openIMIS community of practice gives you unrestricted access to expert knowledge on openIMIS, including learning from existing implementations and upcoming releases. In addition to this knowledge, you get access to ready-to-use documents, templates and tools that will simplify your implementation of openIMIS. With access to these resources and the openIMIS tool itself, you can develop effective and efficient proposals for managing health financing schemes.

By becoming part of the openIMIS community, you join a broad group of partners who help support the expansion of openIMIS globally. In addition to gaining knowledge on openIMIS, the community makes it easy to share your implementation knowledge with a variety of stakeholders around the world.

Where is openIMIS currently used?

openIMIS currently supports the management of processes for health financing schemes in four African countries: Cameroon, Chad, Democratic Republic of Congo and Tanzania. In Nepal, openIMIS manages the National Social Health Insurance scheme. Additional implementations in existing and new countries are planned.

For more information on our implementations, please visit our “In Action" page.

What does it cost?

openIMIS is an open-source software and a global good that is free to download, customize and use. Joining the openIMIS community is also free.

Implementing any software solution requires funding for its initial customization, configuration, multi-level capacity development, and eventual ongoing support for backstopping and maintenance.

The cost of implementing openIMIS varies greatly depending on the scope of implementation, which determines the degree of customization and the scale of implementation. An initial study focused on identifying these factors, particularly customization needs and scale of implementation, is highly recommended before deployment.

Getting started

As a first step, please read the overview of the openIMIS tool and community of practice presented here. You can also try out a demo of the latest openIMIS release here, using the documentation provided on our wiki

If you have any questions regarding the demo or openIMIS in general, or if you want to start exchanging ideas with other experts in the field, please join the openIMIS Implementers Committee

The Implementers Committee is a central component of the openIMIS  Product Group. Its key responsibilities are to discuss, showcase and implement openIMIS, to build country capacities and to set up local, regional and global support structures for the openIMIS Initiative.