Health Insurance

A versatile open source solution for health insurance schemes

Many countries are working to extend social health protection as part of the drive to achieve Universal Health Coverage. openIMIS offers insurance scheme operators an efficient way to manage beneficiary, provider and payer data so that health insurance schemes can work at scale.

openIMIS was originally developed to facilitate the administration of social health insurance schemes for people in the informal sector in low and lower-middle income countries. It has subsequently been modified for use in administering health insurance schemes focused on the formal sector as well.

Business processes

openIMIS supports the following business processes for health insurance:

  • Beneficiary management

  • Collecting and managing contributions

  • Issuing membership ID cards to beneficiaries

  • Verifying scheme membership

  • Health service claims generation and submission

  • Medical review of selected claims

  • Processing and payment of claims


For beneficiaries, openIMIS simplifies enrolment procedures, reduces the number of ‘touch points’ (therefore saving both time and money), and makes it easy to verify one’s coverage status at point of care. For health facilities, it streamlines the processes associated with a health financing scheme and makes it easy for them to receive reimbursements. For scheme operators it reduces operational costs and allows for better monitoring and analysis of the scheme’s overall performance. For decision makers, data from openIMIS can enhance policy making and planning related to health service delivery

Example workflow

Health insurance

Current implementations



Tanzania (Mainland)

Tanzania (Zanzibar)

Further information

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