AeHIN openIMIS webinar

This event has passed.
15. January 2019 @ 15:00

The openIMIS regional hub Asia, AeHIN, will host the first openIMIS webinar on January 15 9 PM Manila time with Dr. Alvin Marcelo as speaker. Dr. Marcelo is a general and trauma surgeon by training, currently executive director of the Asia eHealth Information Network. The focus of the webinar will be information about openIMIS and a discussion about AeHIN’s plans to build a community of practice around it. In addition, the promotion of AeHIN’s ‘Mind the GAPS framework’ and the creation of an environment for comprehension of digital health governance using an open source insurance management information system will be discussed. To join the webinar register here.


The openIMIS Initiative is looking forward to our partner AeHIN hosting an openIMIS webinar every 2nd Tuesday of the month.