re:publica Accra

This event has passed.
14. December 2018
15. December 2018

On December 14-15 2018 the re:publica takes place in Accra, Ghana in order to address all the ways digitization is changing societies, from its impact on politics, media, social services, to the ways its changing arts, culture, business and science. Topics regarding digitalization, like the challenges and opportunities brought by digital transformation, will be discussed. Also questions like “How can we all contribute to shaping the digital future we want?” and “How can we work towards a free and open Internet that enables free and democratic societies?” will be sought to answer. re:publica is a community event that brings together all kinds of different folks interested in learning about these topics, sharing their views and debating these questions. The goal of this African edition of re:publica is to strengthen Afro-German dialogue about digital issues, while utilizing intersections between digitalization and collaborative developmental efforts.

openIMIS sponsors the panel discussion “Data Confidentiality vs. Shared Data: Enabler or Show Stopper for Development?” with selected speakers from Tanzania, Kenya and Ghana who work in organizations that deal with sensitive data of individuals.