Scheme operator
Mutuelle des santé Borsa
Year deployed
Deployment coverage
16 health centers and district hospital of Moyen Chari Region
openIMIS functionalities used
☑Enrollment ☑ Claims Management ☑ Beneficiary Management ☑ Claims Review ☑Reports
Implementing partner
Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute as a part of the PADS program
Supporting partner
PMS Promotion des Mutuelles de santé, Centre International de Développement et de Recherche (CIDR)
Photo credit
GIZ / Dirk Ostermeier

Overview on the ground

The scheme offers a single insurance product throughout the 16 health centers and the district hospital covered by the mutual insurance company. 

To do this, an agreement is signed with each service provider. 


Some data from the mutuelles in 2017: 

  • 16 sections

  • 65 villages

  • target population of 123,269 inhabitants

  • 1,323 active members (heads of families)

  • 9,616 beneficiaries (insurees)

  • 6,741 cases of illness covered per year


The Support Project for the Health Districts in Chad (Programme d'Appui aux Districts Sanitaire au Tchad - PADS), funded by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC), is a health development program. PADS is designed to help reduce mortality and morbidity in the intervention regions through better and more accessible health services. One of the objectives of PADS is to contribute to the National Strategy of Universal Health Coverage (Stratégie Nationale de Couverture Sanitaire Universelle: SN-CSU).

PADS has been supporting the implementation of openIMIS in the informal sector for a network of Mutual Health Organizations (MHO) in existence since 2010, supported by PMS Programme d’Appui aux mutuelles de santé (PMS) of CIDR, and financed by SDC.

The implementation of openIMIS began as a pilot launched in 2018 to digitalize operations of the Mutuelle des santé Borsa, a district-based MHO in Danamadji, for some 100,000 members. The pilot includes the following activities:

  • Configuration and adaptation of openIMIS

  • Training of systems administrators, MHO managers, MHO enrollment officers, medical doctors

Detailed information can be found in the concept note.

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