The people of openIMIS

The governance structure

The aim of the global openIMIS Initiative is to create a software centred community, where different individuals and organisations at diverse levels are able to contribute to the development and implementation of the openIMIS product.

openimis-goverance structure_Vector_21.08.19

The Steering Group includes development partners, scheme operators, implementers and other relevant organisations. It defines the overall strategic direction of the openIMIS Initiative and allocates resources for software development and implementations. 


The Coordination Desk operationalises the defined strategic direction, administers budgets and oversees committee activities.

The openIMIS Initiative has two regional hubs: Asia (Asian eHealth Information Network) and Africa (Jembi). Regional hubs support the community at a regional level and facilitate training and capacity development. They also act as a bridge between local and global levels.

The Implementers Committee provides analysis and advice to scheme operators and policy makers, produces training materials and submits functional requirements to the issue queue for openIMIS.


The Developers Committee develops, maintains and supports the core source code of openIMIS at global level.

The country teams are composed of different stakeholders such as a scheme operator, an implementing partner and an IT partner. Further details on the actual implementations can be found here.


The openIMIS Initiative is supported by 16 partner organisations. These partners provide valuable input into shaping openIMIS implementations and technical priorities, and support  the ongoing expansion of openIMIS as an open-source product and community. We rely on our strong network of partners for technical expertise, leadership and generous support. For more information on each partner and their role in openIMIS, please visit our wiki.