openIMIS Study Tour Nepal

The Health Insurance Board of Nepal and GIZ Support to the Health Sector Programme in Nepal have organized a 3-day study tour for representatives from the healthcare sector from Cameroon, Nigeria and Myanmar. The main goal of this event at the beginning of October was to allow potential openIMIS users to benefit from the experiences of Nepal with respect to implementation and use of openIMIS for several business processes.

openIMIS is being used to manage the major business processes of the Social Health Insurance (SHI) scheme in Nepal since 2016 – including door to door enrollment, electronic claims submission, review, and adjudication, as well as collecting feedback from beneficiaries. Therefore, countries and scheme operators can learn about the advantages of the use of openIMIS on their scheme.

The participants were able to interact and obtain first-hand information from three organizations that manage the main business operations in Nepal: They visited the Health Insurance Board (HIB) responsible for SHI management in Kathmandu. Here, the attendants learned about the Nepal insurance scheme and the openIMIS use at HIB. Afterwards, there was room for discussion, which allowed an important exchange of information and challenges from the participant countries. Furthermore, the visits to health facilities in both Kathmandu and Pokhara offered the opportunity to observe the process of patient registry and claim entry. The participants also met enrolment officers and experienced how community member get registered.

“We have learned a lot about openIMIS and think it can solve a lot of challenges in healthcare finance business”, Dr Nasir Lawal, Director Planning Research and Statistics of Contributory Healthcare Management Agency Katsina, sum up at the end of the study tour.

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