openIMIS April 2019 Software Update Release

Dear Readers,


We are  proud to announce you the openIMIS April 2019 Release!


This new update release includes the followings:

  • Passwords storage in the database has been replaced (Database, Web Application, Web Services)
  • More information is displayed in the insuree enquiry result (Web Application)
  • Long drop down lists are replaced by autocomplete text boxes (Web Application)
  • Mobile and web credentials are linked together for enrolment officers and claim administrators (Database, Web Application)
  • Administrators can define new user roles so the users will have access only to the data and functions that they need (Database, Web Application)
  • Description of the rejection codes are displayed when the medical services or items rows are hovered in the claims review page (Web Application)
  • Show Family/Group type in Family Overview page (Web Application)
  • Display and layout adjustments (Web Application)
  • The database backup files are replaced by new database SQL scripts (Database)


For more information, please visit the following pages:


To download the new version, please visit the download page in our wiki.