Nepal’s transition to the latest openIMIS master version

Nepal is undertaking a transition to the latest openIMIS master version to be able to use all the functions the new version offers. After some technical tests of the update, there was a desire for more user evolvement on various levels. So GIZ Nepal decided to organise a two day workshop which participants from various health facilities and from different departments of the Health Insurance Board attended. The goal was to try out the new software and its functions as well as learn about the openIMIS Initiative. During the testing scenarios of the software, each participant was assigned responsibility in different areas for organising user-level bug reporting. Also, JIRA as a project management tool was presented to the participants as a solution for issue tracking.


The workshop took place on January 23 and 24 2019. Another highlight of the workshop was the participation of the new executive director of the Health Insurance Board Ramesh Kumar Pokharel. He agreed to participate during the two day workshop in order to fully understand the system and be able to improve the use of the openIMIS software for his implementation cases.