Manju Khatri: Health insurance for a healthy life

Manju Khatri, her husband and her three sons belong to the lower in Nepal. They own a small farm, but the crops they grow are just enough to feed the whole family. Manju’s husband got a well-paid job abroad, but due to high blood pressure he had to return back home and continue working on the family farm.


Manju herself has been suffering from headache and back pain for years. So both of them had high expenses due to medical treatment and medication and were facing financial ruin.


One day, a national health insurance representative visited their community and explained the costs and enrolment procedure of the health insurance. ‘The health insurance scheme sounded good, but we were not sure if we could trust it easily, as there has been a lot of fraudulent activities in the community’, Manjula explains. She enrolled herself and her whole family anyway. She and her husband are now treated in the Medical College hospital twice a month. ‘Now, we are not worried about the cost of health services including medicine and physiotherapy for my back pain anymore. The health insurance has been very supportive in our lives’, exemplifies Manju.