Barad Bahadur Dangaura: How health insurance coverage made his and his family’s life free of financial stress for health care

Barad Bahadur Dangaura and his family have recently enrolled in health insurance. He first heard about it on the radio. He didn’t know much about it and was cautious. But an insurance representative explained the costs and easy enrolment procedure of their health insurance. He registered all six family members: his spouse, two daughters, a brother and his spouse and himself.

The family’s main income is farming. Barad grows seasonal crops, which is enough for his family for one year. During the rainy season, the family usually gets sick because of extensive labor. Since the insurance coverage, getting sick does not mean a burden for the family anymore. ‘We worry less when we get sick, as health insurance covers the cost of health services and we can easily get treatment’, explains Barad’s wife. She suffered from severe stomachache earlier this year, so Barad took her to the medical centre, where she got a free checkup, tests and an ultrasound. She has not fully recovered yet, but ‘Health insurance made the health services easy, trustworthy and affordable. Our lives are free of stress now regarding our health care’, Barad states.